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Mökki Elämä for foreigners


I have arrived to Finland in mid-2014. I came as an exchange student but, similarly to many other expatriates, one thing lead to another resulting in me making Finland my home country .

Among the things that tied me to this amazing country, is my fascination for Mökkielämää (Cottage life) and the nature surrounding it.

However, unlike native Finns, I did not have the privilege of growing up in such environment. Never before I had setup sauna, picked mushrooms and berries in the forest, fish in the lakes, or driven a motor boat. I was(am) basically a child fascinated about everything new, and the amount of new things to learn.

This "book" is both a personal registry of how to do things, but also a way of sharing with others the amazing world of the Finnish cottage and its surroundings. Specially to foreigners moving to Finland, who will find limited resources available.

Open Source

All these materials are open source, free for copying and non-commercial distribution. Contributions are welcome.

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